Friday, July 14, 2006

Beginner's Guides to Podcasting and Vlogging

I don't do either but good friends of mine are considering getting into the fray (and I'm toying with the idea).

And so I asked the very knowledgeable and extremely wired DJ Chuang if he might recommend some good introductory sites/articles.

6.3 seconds later, he responded with

If you're saying to yourself, "He should have listed..." then please by all means educate me in the comments and I'll add the site.


GothamCast said...

You have some great sites listed there.

Since you invited suggestions, I think I'll chime in. I have a podcast tutorial site that offers a free step-by-step tutorial on getting into podcasting very inexpensively. It includes video tutorials on using Audacity to record your podcast.

Jason Van Orden
Author, Promoting Your Podcast

Stephen said...

thanks jason!