Saturday, June 22, 2002

the first one!

My first blog ever. Beth, Michaela, Skye and Alia have been in NJ with Beth's sister since Thursday so I've had more discretionary time on my hands. Last night my good friend Johnny Long and I went to see Minority Report. Not as spiritually satisfying as The Matrix but I thought it was more entertaining. Some logic problems. Also, don't pre-cogs have rights?? All in all, however, quite riveting. I put it in my top 5. I'm having a great time at Grace Community Church planning with the Learning Community Leadership Team a new kind of spiritual formation ministry. It will be adult education with a small groupesque ambiance where the facilitator will meet 2,3 times outside of the workshops with each participant in sort of a spiritual consultant capacity. It's meant to be a segue ministry to help folks find what their next step is spiritually. Ideally it will result in their getting involved with some significant spiritual relationship and/or a small group and/or a ministry or - if absolutely necessary - another LC Workshop! I'm very excited about this. We are striving to develop a ministry that will incorporate transpropositional realities.

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