Sunday, June 23, 2002

minority report
**WARNING: Spoiler below to the new movie Minority Report. Do not read this is you haven't seen the movie and plan to!***

Ok, I mentioned yesterday that there are logic/plot problems with Spielberg's otherwise wonderful Minority Report. Johnny doesn't think that one of my concerns is very valid, but I continue to disagree with him. But I think I've come up with some ways that the movie could have been shot that would have defeated these difficulties. Some might legitimately question why I'm spending so much time trying to perfect a movie that's already released. CS Lewis might say that I'm looking for heaven by my desire for perfection, but I liked this movie so much that I want it to be perfect?

Maybe I just have too much time on my hands this weekend.

Anyway, here we go:

Don't PreCogs have RIGHTS???
No way would the PreCogs be treated by the US govt as they are in this movie. Rather I suggest that PreCogs be abundantly available because of the abundance of people abusing whatever drug that was that Anderton was addicted to (don't recall the name - the PreCogs were children of those folks who would have died without medical intervention). So if there are hundreds or thousands of PreCogs running around, the govt merely offers them 8 hour a day jobs with lucrative salaries to be in the PreCog state 8 hours a day. They are also given crafted drugs that make them lose time during that time (like anesthesia does).

How did Anderton find out about Leo Crow??
This is what Johnny and I are arguing about. More specifically: How did Director Burgess manipulate realtime so that Anderton would seek out Crow? In our movie, Anderton seeks him out because he saw the PreCog's vision of him murdering Crow. But that is logically problematic because it's self-referentially incoherent. The movie needed some device whereby Burgess could get Crow on Anderton's "radar screen" so that he would seek him out and, Burgess hoped, kill him.

Biggest Faux Pas: Absolutely No Way that Anderton Could Have Gotten Into the Temple Using His Eye!
- First of all, a disembodied eye works on the scanner? I don't think so. That would be a major security hole easily exploited. But - even more obvious - Anderton's security wasn't changed *after* he's accused of murder and terminated? Not possible. Today access cards are offed out as soon as an employee becomes an ex. No, the movie needed another way Anderton entered The Temple.

Feel free to let me know if you disagree or if I've missed other logic problems!

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