Friday, July 12, 2002

finding blogs of note

Lately since getting into this whole blogging thing, I've been spending some time looking for blogs of interest. I find that I tend to prefer blogs that give great information over blogs that are merely personal journals (of course, many effectively combine both). I began my search by looking at jordon's blogroll, and then have perused a couple of times martin roth's self-proclaimed semi-definitive list. Recently I've been using a 7 Degrees of Separationesque approach: I'm going to blogs I like and looking at their bloglists. (By the way, if anyone is aware of other helpful bloglists like martin roth's, particularly ones that focus on those of us in the emerging church movement, please let me know.)

wanna blog?

I was doing such sleuthing this evening when I was looking at jonny baker's blog and I noticed that he mentioned a Manchester Guardian article on how to get started as a blogger. This is valuable because there is precious little such material available. Yesterday I was astonished when I did an Amazon search on all titles that have a word that starts "b-l-o-g" and then it returned only 8 items! And only two of those were published!!

an idiosyncracy of

I was reading CNET Editor's Choice comments on and they mentioned, "Both Blogger and Blogger Pro suffer from occasional reliability problems, but we still recommend this Weblog standard." I've noticed that never recognizes me when I surf to it even though I've listed it on IE 6 as a "Trusted Site." Additionally - and this has been truly maddening - I have learned the hard way that I have to save my html before I post or I'm in danger of losing everything I've just written/coded. It appears that if you take too long to craft your post that logs you out apropos of nothing. Hopefully they'll fix this. Other than that, I must say I'm happy with blogger and considering uping to blogger pro.

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