Monday, July 22, 2002

gettin' transpo'

Many, many weeks - maybe even months - ago, with all the 'mappers talk about transpropositionality, I began to become increasingly dissatisfied with what felt to me to be the largely propositional modality of my religious life. Always talking, reading, writing.

I've been involved professionally in the technology field for many years (I did recently make the switch to marketing, though even there I'm essentially operating as an analyst and project manager), so I thought it would be neat to train people who are trying to extend their vocational reach how to use basic computer programs. And so on a few occasions I've intrepidly marched out into the world wide web and searched for an outlet for my desire to get transpropositional with very little result. I would make some critical observation about how hard it is to find good opportunties via the web if it weren't for my suspicion that folks are spending their time actually helping other folks rather than crafting great websites to convince other folks to volunteer. Well tonight I feel that I've found what I've been looking for: VolunteerMatch. When I punched in my zip code 21043 here just south of Baltimore I was given no less than 390 different opportunities, including just the type of computer training opportunities for which I have been looking.

Now the ball is in my side of the court!

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