Wednesday, July 03, 2002

no one was ever matured in a theatre

With that comment, Australian John Edmiston, one of the 'mappers and the Field Director of Frontier Servants in the Philippines as well as the President of the Asian Internet Bible Institute, begins chapter 10 of his book Biblical EQ on "Learning Community." It's a good read and quite helpful. Made me want to review the rest of his book.

more on minority report

(warning: my comments here are spoiler comments. do not read this paragraph further if you haven't seen minority report or don't wish to have a critical plot fact revealed to you).

ok, I've commented already on some of the problems with minority report. Well today I was blogsurfing and stumbled across, who mentioned the same plot problem I had mentioned questioning how Crowe got on Anderton's radar screen to begin with. In triumph, I sent the link to johnny hax, with appropriately triumphant comments. He quickly shot back his riposte:

I quote:



Someone posted this on a bulletin board I read. It's supposedly a quote from
Scott Frank, the screenwriter of MR, when posed this very question at

"Burgess knew that the only person Anderton would, without hesitation, want
to kill would be the man Anderton believed had taken his son. Therefore, all
Burgess had to do was 'hire' Leo Crow - a lowlife child molester already in
prison - to pretend to be this man with the promise of paying his family a
large sum of money in return. In the backstory, Burgess would then start to
arrange how Anderton might come into contact with him. But he doesn't even
have to go that far, because once Burgess starts his plan in motion, the
precogs will immediately see the END result - the precogs will pick up that
Anderton will confront the man who took his son and kill him. It plays out
differently in the actual room because Anderton, unlike the people he's
arrested the past six years, has actually seen his own future. So he can
change it. And he does. Or tries to."


I went to, but was unable to find this. Can anyone confirm or deny? But, irrespective of the accuracy of the quote, I must admit johnny may be onto something....

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