Tuesday, July 09, 2002

two long days...

I'm so crunched at work. 11 hours yesterday. 11 hours today, but 5 hours today was on Amtrak as I went up to Rockleigh, NJ for a work meeting. The great thing ab this was that I got to whittle down to 0 the roughly 170 emails in my inbox. I'm certain many of you feel like I do: your actual job is a continuous movement towards 0 emails in your inbox. Well, I've happily arrived. I have reached nirvana; the place of total contentment.

Now - please understand - it's a total illusion. I only have 0 emails 'cause I had 5 glorious hours of uninterrupted email time while traveling business class and not jacked into the MS Exchange server where I'm quite certain scores of missives are crouching...waiting...getting stronger - longing for the moment when they can violate the pristine nullness of my inbox. And then, it will be back to my real job.


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