Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Chris Temple Update

from the Temple's friend Ameilia Hendricks in an email sent this afternoon @ 4 PM EST:

Chris came through the surgery with flying colors! His
platelet count going in to the OR was 46,000 (within the range of 45-50,000
that we prayed for!) The surgeon said it went in "easily", for which he was
surprised since Chris has such a thick neck (he said that, not me :-) ).
Getting off the vent is the next large hill Chris has to conquer.

One of the nurses said today that he has never seen hemofiltration work so
well for so long on anybody! He is used to it being successful for only a
day or 2 at most, and Chris has been on it for a week! We give God the
glory for answering our prayers about this.

The plan at this point is to let Chris rest today with minimal sedation.
They will resume the hemofiltration this afternoon. Roberta and I think
Chris is having face's hard to tell. We ask for specific prayer
that God will take this away.

When they begin to wean him from the ventilator and as he comes out from
under all the sedation (maybe tomorrow?), he will become more aware of his
surroundings and his condition. Please pray for his peace as he begins to
accept what has happened. Pray that his vision is not effected by the fluid
and burst vessels in his eyes.

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