Tuesday, August 27, 2002

update on Chris Temple

from the Temple's friend Ameilia Hendricks in an email sent tonight @ 8 PM EST:

1. Chris has had a good day today. His vital signs are stable.
2. The hemofiltration has pulled of approximately 70 pounds of excess fluid
as of this morning! They would like to stop hemofiltration on Thursday and
begin hemodialysis (a 4-hour dialysis rather than the continuous dialysis).
The nephrologist (kidney doctor) said Chris could regain kidney function as
long as 3 MONTHS from now; that the failure of his kidneys is still
reversible. Hallelujah!
3. The oncologist said he is beginning to make normal white blood cells
(WBC) and she expects his WBC count to climb as the week progresses (a good

Prayer requests:
1. Chris will have surgery tomorrow at 12 noon for a tracheostomy. They
did not try to get him off the breathing machine today; they allowed him to
rest. He will be much more comfortable with the breathing tube out of his
mouth, but the surgery carries some risk with the low platelet count. Pray
for a platelet count of 45-50,000 at the time of surgery.
2. Pray for Roberta to rest well tonight. The decision to allow the trach
was a hard one and she is emotionally tired.
3. Roberta asks that we pray for Chris's nurses by name: Jayme, Vicki,
Diane, Paula, John, Sara, and Terri. And for his doctors, too: Dr. Evans
(who signs off the case tomorrow), Dr. Gunn, Dr. Kannapodi and Dr. Weber.
4. Pray for Kaitlin's first day at school tomorrow to go well.
5. Pray that God will be glorified in everything and that His will is done.
Pray that we will be bold witnesses so that the gospel message will go out
to those who need to hear.

We feel your prayers and the answers to them from our faithful God. Thank
you so much,

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