Friday, September 13, 2002

please still pray for Chris Temple

sent from the Temples' friend Amelia Hendricks @ 11:23 PM on Thursday 12 September:

"Chris's condition remains extremely grave. He is still experiencing a
life-threatening bleed. This bleeding is different from what he has
experienced before--before it was due to a low platelet count and a
transfusion of platelets was "all" he needed. His medical condition now is
called DIC, which is much more serious. They transfused 18 units of blood
and 24 units of plasma today. They will start this regimen again tonight
and see if it will work. If it doesn't work, they do not expect him to
live. I don't know how to suggest that we pray ... let us all pray for
Chris as the Holy Spirit leads us, in accordance with God's will.

Roberta has been up with Chris for over 36 hours. She is back at the
apartment now, with Christine and Gloria, who arrived safely about 4 pm.
Pray for Roberta to be able to sleep, and for Christine and Gloria as they
minister to Roberta. Kaitlin was able to visit tonight and see her father.
Jane arrived safely today in a rented car and is with Kaitlin in Ligonier.
The deacons and other members of the church came to the hospital and prayed
over Chris tonight."

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