Thursday, October 17, 2002

Bible on CD

No, I don't work for but....

For some time now I've been watching the cost of the entire Bible on CD. A few weeks ago I discovered that you can now get the whole Bible on 64 CDs for under $50 thru one of Amazon's ZShops. Go here to see the various ZShops that offer this! This particular version doesn't have music which I greatly prefer. Every chapter is a separate track so it's very easy to navigate.

I commute about 2 hours every day. For the first time in my life I've been listening to the Old Testament and have been finding it to be a rich experience. One interesting aspect of this is that listening "forces" me to go over sections that I tend to just quickly scan when reading. One thing that's struck me is how much geography is in the OT. I've been pulling out my atlas and truly getting an education (well, not while I'm driving, though I've thought about it!). My experience has been that it feels that I'm reading the OT for the first time! For some time I've said that the NT is more conducive to study while we are intended to let the OT wash over us in its story (as a general comment). Listening really facilitates this.

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