Tuesday, October 01, 2002

jon gold

dr jon gold is a professor of philosophy and religion at West Liberty University in West Liberty, WVa. He's also a pastor and a sometimes frequent contributor to the faithmaps discussion group. jon has been one of the most critical contributors to the faithmappers' understanding of transpropositionality, a major topic of the group's discussion over the last year or so. His deep knowledge of philosophy - that comes only from decades of reading, study and teaching - and his substantial knowledge of the Scriptures and theology is guided by his deep love of Jesus Christ.

I've found jon's rare combination of knowledge sets and deep commitment to Jesus Christ so helpful that I've put together an index of some of his most significant posts to the faithmaps discussion group. The topics range from Aristotle to Heidegger to Wittgenstein and others. jon comments on phenomenology, epistemology, ontology, open theism, Calvinism and many other subjects besides. I do wish to stress that in no way is this an index to any kind of systematic treatment of these topics, but it is merely a guide to jon's sometimes passing, sometimes quite detailed, comments on these subjects. Nevertheless, for those willing to do a bit of spade work, there are riches to be found.

I am not one to differentiate between realtime and online friends. I consider jon a dear friend and appreciate his mind and spirit. I believe you will too.


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