Monday, March 10, 2003

on Chris Temple

Some of you will remember my posting ab Chris Temple some mos ago. He's the new pastor fresh out of seminary who collapsed in his pulpit one Sunday. Turns out he has leukemia. His faithful friend, Amelia Hendricks sent this out on Sat. 8 March 2003:

As I e-mailed a couple of weeks ago, Chris has not been feeling well lately.
He announced to his congregation last Sunday, after delivering the
message, that his leukemia is back (out of remission). Chris and Roberta
have decided not to go through chemotherapy again and just to receive
supportive therapy. Supportive therapy means some medications, transfusions
of blood products as needed, and the like. He is not in any pain, but he is
very weak. They are praying for God's healing, of course, but don't know if
God will answer by healing Chris here or in heaven.

Chris is still able to carry out parts of his role as shepherd of the
Ligonier flock. He plans to keep preaching every other Sunday as he is

Thank you for your prayers for him, his family and his church. I will
include his address at the bottom of the e-mail if you want to send them a

Chris and Roberta Temple
324 W. Vincent St
Ligonier, PA 15658

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