Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Abu Ghraib

Major General Antonio M. Taguba, who, according to the Washington Post, is "the second highest-ranking Filipino American in the U.S. Army" advised the Senate Armed Service Committee that his investigation revealed that the six or seven MPs who abused Iraqi prisoners did not do so as a result of orders from their superiors. He nevertheless concluded that there was a "Failure in leadership...from the brigade commander on down, lack of discipline, no training whatsoever and no supervision."

Ted Olsen provides us with a round robin of Christian commentary on the incidents, including a mention of which organizations have not yet commented. Yesterday Jordon Cooper also let us know of a couple of interesting quotes from various politicos and bloggers on the subject.

These actions were reprehensible. The American government is responsible to investigate these inhumanities thoroughly and bring justice to the situation.

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