Friday, May 28, 2004

brian mclaren and chuck colson discussion

On 9 December 2003, Chuck Colson wrote a column in Christianity Today in which he began, "Is postmodernism—the philosophy that claims there is no transcendent truth—on life support? It may be premature to sign the death certificate, but there are signs postmodernism is losing strength...." Brian McLaren wrote a response to Chuck's column and sent it to him. Brian just revealed that in February of 2004, Chuck responded to Brian and Brian also wrote, "If you would like to dialogue about his article, my response, and his reply, may I suggest you start a thread at,, or I am not planning to reply, although there is much here that strikes me as deserving a response. My hope would be that some of Chuck’s close friends might engage him in dialogue about these matters, or perhaps he and I will have an opportunity to dialogue in person and in private in the future. This interchange at least makes our differences clear, and does so in a cordial way."

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