Wednesday, May 19, 2004

brian mclaren on abu ghraib

"Being saved, baptized, sincere, or even Spirit-filled is not a short cut to being smart or right or wise. "

"A friend at my church once told me, 'Brian, I think you’re right about 85% of the time. That’s what makes you dangerous. People will trust you for the 85% so they won’t question you for the 15%. Your leadership depends on you having the humility and second thoughts to be on guard for the 15%.' Could our nation and its leaders be in a similar situation?"

Brian's posted a thought-provoking piece on his website.

Brian's comments about America viewing itself as a "beacon of light" and Manifest Destiny reminded me of an Alan Johnson article called The Bible and War: An Historical Survey (on's War and Terrorism Page)where Dr. Johnson drills down on the history of the church in the United States and its relationship to US wars.