Saturday, May 29, 2004

a dallas adventure - the future of alpha

just had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with levi fuson in dallas and it was a complete blast - i love this guy. we had the chance to bring an emerging church perspective to bear as some alpha folks were doing some strategic planning for alpha's future. there are over 24,000 alpha courses running in over 130 countries. Over 1.3 million people folks in the United States have taken the course and it's currently in 7,200 churches. a huge draw is the course's dialogical nature and its emphasis on relationship.

what a wonderful and diverse group of folks. levi and i had the opportunity to share a rental car from the airport with dave nodar, who nicky gumbel asked to be the north america contact between alpha and the roman catholic church. bob buford, who founded the Leadership Network was there as well as ali hanna, who founded alpha in the united states. i think that under todd hunter's leadership (todd was there too, of course) we're going to see some very interesting things from this group in days to come.

levi and i also had the chance to have dinner at the wonderful blue mesa - a place with exquisite aesthetics and awesome sweet potato chips. rex miller showed up and ended up buying us dinner! All in all, a really great time.

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