Thursday, June 24, 2004

improving gmail

I typically use my yahoo acct for cking personal emails when @ work or when traveling without my laptop. Accordingly I was disappointed when I found out that gmail doesn't allow you to check other domains. And so

i wrote google:

"wish I could set up gmail to check email on my other domains!
this is my #1 use of web-based email when at work or travelling."

google wrote back:

"Hello Stephen,

Thank you for your suggestion -- we are forwarding it to the appropriate
team. We certainly appreciate hearing from Gmail users and encourage you
to continue to let us know how we can improve the Gmail experience.

You might be interested to hear that we are working on many upcoming
features, including the following:

- Automatic forwarding of your email to another account
- Plain HTML version of Gmail
- Import/export Contacts

We hope you enjoy Google's approach to email.


The Gmail Team"

First of all, though I've moderated an extremely busy yahoogroup for over three years, I don't think I've ever gotten an email response from yahoo for anything about which I've emailed them. So that I got any kind of response from gmail was impressive.

Secondly, I think "Automatic forwarding of your email to another account"

means I'll be able to check my other personal POP3 email accounts with gmail but it sort of sounds like they're saying I can send gmail mail to my other accounts. Time will tell. For now, I still rely on yahoo and check my gmail from time to time to see if it's better.

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