Monday, June 28, 2004

ok, i'm xmled now

As you can see just to your right i've now added an xml feed to emergesque through blogger's atom feed being converted to xml (gratis) by the kind folks at feedburner. If in past comments I haven't abundantly outed myself, here's a newsflash: i'm no ubergeek and before I recently started blogging again, I really had no idea what xml, rss, or atom was.

But today, I surfed over to's advanced search page to search for a popular and free rss/xml/atom reader and found Pluck For the last hour or so I've been going through my blogroll and finding all those little xml's and rss's on my favorite blogsites that not that long ago utterly mystified me.

With Pluck (now imagine me holding up the product, using my announcers voice with my best Lyle Waggoner smile), I now don't have to surf into someone's site to see if they've posted anything new and in my small, sad world, that's exciting! When I tried to explain this to Bethany, as she stood behind me and I expatiated at length while not averting my eyes from the monitor, she reached over my head and started to scrawl g e e k on my chest.

And now, of course, with culpable hauteur, I sniff indignantly at all those sites that don't offer feeds and thusly inconvenience my busy little life.


leviathen said...

your such a nerd. oh how much higher and mightier than us, oh scipter of the emeresque! g e e k :) thats funny.


Stephen said...



leviathen said...

your awesome man. thoguh tsome encouragment was in order after my last post. lol :)