Saturday, June 12, 2004

reagan's burial

i realize that there may be mixed feelings among this blog's readership of reagan's legacy. nevertheless, i still suggest this MSNBC collection of streaming videos that combine the funeral eulogies and his children's burial tributes. bethany and i stumbled on these live last night as we casually turned on the tv before bed. it was the only thing we had watched of this week's festivities and i'm so glad we caught it. it was the relatively simply burial ceremony where all of reagan's living children spoke of their dad.

the press has made much of reagan's strained relations with his family members. i suspect your family and my family might have a few strained relations of our own! yet at this moment, the best of reagan's relationships with his children comes out, and one senses that Michael, Ron and Patti's comments were heartfelt. honestly, their comments were brief, eloquent and well-worth viewing.


leviathen said...

dude were you able to see any of it live?


Stephen said...

the burial? yeah, it was really, really amazing. we just switched on the tv after finishing watching a kids movie and there it was. we sat transfixed watching his kids talk for another 25 mins or so.