Thursday, June 17, 2004

responses to the da vinci code

ted olsen does an around the room of published responses to the da vinci code. i'd probably read either bock's or witherington's first. David Neff drills into four of them with a bit more detail.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that all these anti-Da Vinci Code books are ultimately counterproductive. In fact, they will just fuel the PR fire leading up to Ron Howard's movie.

I think in a networked world--you ignore or not address ideas that you do not want to see succeed. The Da Vinci Code is wrong-headed, but hardly a threat to the Gospel in my opinion. Our protesting of it just elevates Brown's nonsense to a level of visibility and credibility it does not deserve.

Stephen said...

Hey thanks for letting us know about the RH movie! That should be good.

I hear you.

One positive effect, though, is that it is driving some folks back to the text and back to history to discern the true.