Monday, July 05, 2004


"Each of us is given five balls. One is rubber and four are glass. The rubber ball is work. If you drop it, it will always bounce back. The other four glass balls are family, friends, health and integrity. If you drop them, they are shattered. They won't bounce back."

great advice given to rebecca ryan from her dad's "turbo-cool hospice nurse."

Thanks to bob carlton for the link and for the reference to what seems to be a valuable zine - Worthwhile Magazine. Here's some more info on the zine:

About Worthwhile Magazine
The editorial mission of WORTHWHILE is to put purpose and passion on the same plane as profit. WORTHWHILE offers a roadmap for business success that is more personally fulfilling and socially responsible. We live by the motto that it is impossible to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.

We hope that this site can be a place where you?l come to discuss, to learn, to share your experiences, to find solutions in your worklife.

WORTHWHILE was created by Anita Sharpe and Kevin Salwen, veterans of The Wall Street Journal, with four decades of financial journalism experience and a Pulitzer Prize between them.

This blog is managed by senior Web tsarina, Halley Suitt, with the incredible assistance of Boris Anthony.

Tom Peters (In Search of Excellence, etc) is also one of the contributors.

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