Saturday, July 24, 2004

creating syndicated feeds for sites without feeds
I didn't even know that was possible until just a few moments ago I stumbled upon blogstreet while googling for a blogger's full name.  When I began linking to blogs in my blogroll that provided syndicated feeds the only one that didn't have a feed was Len Hjalmarson.  I used blogstreet's tool and - walla - 5 seconds later I had and could add him to my bloglines account.  (Bbloglines is a syndicated aggregator that also lets you blogroll the folks you aggregate.  I should also mention that it totally rocks.)

If after reading this you're going, "huh?" 'cause you haven't yet gotten into syndication; It's not rocket science and I was in that camp like only a month ago.  See feedburner's nice orientation page to get up to speed and then rush to bloglines.

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