Wednesday, July 14, 2004

getting transpropositional

some time ago, i complained that my life was too much about concepts and words and not enough about action (or not "transpo" enough). and so i sought for volunteer opportunities where i could do what i've been wanting to do for a couple of years now: train single moms how to become employable through learning simple computer skills. my search for a forum within which to do this has so far been fruitless. i used volunteer match and found one organization in baltimore. i emailed the guy and he actually called me back. we talked; he had the ball and then .... nothing. never heard from him again.

i was reviewing Time's 50 Best Websites and found maybe i'll try again....

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Anonymous said...

stephen, jen lemen here.
why don't you try community family life services in dc?
they have a great job mentoring program for people transitioning out of homelessness or other major life disasters. i'm sure they have their fair share of single moms on the list & you can do it by phone. here's the url:
try it.