Tuesday, July 20, 2004

toward a praxis of theological disagreement: machen's warrior children

It would be a mistake to miss Frame's larger point just because one is uninterested in Reformed Theology. There are lessons here for the church emerging.

"My assignment was to write on Reformed theology. But I should note that the remedy for the divisions above is not merely better theo­logical formulations. The almost exclusive focus on doctrinal issues in many Reformed circles is itself part of the problem" (emphasis mine).

So Dr. John Frame writes in a wonderful piece detailing Reformed controversies in the 20th and 21st centuries - mainly since Machen left Princeton and founded Westminster Theological Seminary in 1929 and founded the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 1936.

I was amazed to find this fine article on the same day I wrote about the need for a new praxis of theological disagreement in the church.

If you haven't followed Reformed history in the 20th and 21st century in the United States or are uninterested in it, then this article is a lot to take in. But it is a fine exposition of how adept we are at dividing into groups and subgroups over what many see as nonessential theological distinctives. I think it also may illustrate my suggestion that some evangelicals generally and some of the Reformed flavor specifically (and I consider myself Reformed (modified)) have made information transfer the omnicompetent modality of spiritual transformation.

I suggest that Dr. Frame speaks with prophetic wisdom.

(I've posted this before but just realized that I hadn't included the link to the article!)

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