Sunday, August 29, 2004

Finding Your Strengths

I'm enjoying reading Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Dr. Donald Clifton. Great book. I had thoroughly enjoyed First Break all the Rules and have written an outline on it that will probably soon morph into a book summary.

Last night I started took the online StrengthsFinder test. Of the 34 themes, I'm


I'm looking for one or two other great strengths evaluation tools, Christian or not. Do you have any suggestions?


john chandler said...

I read that book recently as well. I have been a little bored with business management/leadership books of late, since it seems like there is so much repeat info, but that one was fantastic. I'm definitely interested in reading First Break All the Rules. Buckingham was fantastic at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

There is an assessment available through as well that you might find interesting.

tony said...

Hi Steve,

Been checking this out for a bit... I like it, thanks for your posts...
About the strengthsfinder thingy, is that something you need to purchase from somewhere before you can do it online? I think I looked at it a few months ago from someone else that had recommended it too...

Stephen said...

Hi Tony,

The site is free but to take the test you need the code that's on the inside of the back jacket of the book.

tony said...

Hi Stephen,
Great, thanks for the info!