Friday, August 27, 2004

follow up to LA Times' article on Spencer Burke and Friends' Ecclesial Adventure

Spencer posted a comment to my earlier blog on this article that I thought was worth highlighting here:

it is difficult when someone is trying to describe what we are doing as a church, especially when they are looking from the outside in. connie did a great job of listening and researching, but what we are doing is very different from other communities i am aware of. that is not a "good or bad" statement, just we have started from different a community we decide to start with only those things that helped us "be" the church in our context. when i have planted other churches we started with those things that helped us "do" church - 501c3, the sunday event, budgets, staffing, mission or purpose statements...i am not against these things. as steve points out we will probably "need" at some point to "do" those things as we journey together. but my thought is, we probably can do with out much of the "cooperation" of church and only add them to our "overhead" when they help us...a little like the question jesus posed - is sabbath made for humans or are humans made to serve the sabbath.

Thanks Spencer!

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