Tuesday, August 24, 2004

resonate launches!

Good news for all Canadians and friends of Canadians!

This from Jordon Cooper:

Several years ago Beyond Magazine started and hosted what was probably the first national conversation talking about the Gospel in a postmodern culture. It was a national dialogue with pastors, people who have left the church, artists, theologians, and people new to the faith coming together to talk about issues that were not being even thought of in many circles in the church. When Beyond decided to leave the discussion a couple of years ago, it kind of languished in Canada. Some of us started talking this summer that while we appreciated the conversation south of the border, our context was very different and there was a need for something Canadian. From those conversations, Resonate was born. Resonate is a national conversation that has brought together people from across the country to talk about newways of living out the Gospel in a Canadian context.It happens nationally online through a variety of online means. It also happens regionally in a variety of a cities across Canada and like any groups of friends, we like to help out when we can. We have also created a collabrative online community to share worshipmedia using Flickr. There is also a space for some news and view from not online Canada but also from our friends around the world on the Resonate Blog.

Learn more here.

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