Thursday, September 23, 2004

the problem with balance

I'd like to add that even before my son was diagnosed with leukemia, but certainly since then, I've clung to Scripture more closely than ever. In this regard, my model has not been my theological training in a conservative Baptist church or at Biola University, but my understanding of how the Bible is used among the poor and pentecostal in the world. You read the Scripture as if the Holy Spirit himself is talking to you. It is not an abandonment of the idea that we stick to the meaning of the text. But it does fall in line with the idea of "receiving a word" from God, or Jesus himself speaking to you.

Going that route, we open ourselves up to all sorts of charismatic excesses. Well, it's always going to be something. I don't like the word "balance" when I hear it in discussions of Christian faith, because it often sounds like a cop-out to me, a way to end a difficult conversation.

see Rudy Carrasco's entire post.

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