Saturday, October 02, 2004

DA Carson: Becoming Conversant with Emergent

I think the title is unfortunate. I'm pretty sure Dr. Carson doesn't mean to limit his comments to Emergent specifically, but I'm thinking he's intending to reference the entire Emerging Church phenomenon and found a piquant rhyme.

Brian McLaren was asked ab the book on his site and responded,

"I haven’t read a manuscript of the book, but a lot of people have heard lectures that will probably be reflected in the book, and they have told me to brace myself for some pretty strong critique. I haven’t heard the lectures myself, so I really can’t offer any specifics. I’ve read a number of Dr. Carson’s books, and I think our perspectives are quite different; he’s certainly an articulate writer, so I imagine he’ll make those differences quite clear. Anyway, may God bless Dr. Carson, and I hope I will benefit from his critique."

In February of this year, Carson had given a series of three lectures on the emerging church in the Staley Lecture Series at Cedarville University. (They are available for download or hard media purchase starting at $4.50 here.)

Andrew Jones was deeply disturbed by Carson's comments and posted a couple of times on the subject. A number of folks posted comments in response to Andrew and he also highlights Dr David M. Mills' paper The Emergent Church - Another Perspective: A Critical Response to DA Carson's Staley Lectures.

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