Monday, October 18, 2004

Top Blogs

What are the three emerging church blogs you consider to be *must reads* daily?

What are the three Christian (emerging or not) blogs you consider to be *must reads* daily?

What are the three (Christian or not) blogs you consider to be *must reads* daily?

Leave in comments if you would and thanks!


paul benger said...

Three must reads:

Anonymous said...

3 must-read daily emerging church blogs:
1) Faithmaps (of course!)
2) Andrew Jones
3) Jonny Baker

3 must-read daily Christian blogs:
1) (one of my Charlotte cohorts)
2) (one of my Minneapolis buddies)
3) (another Minneapolis pal)

3 must-read daily blogs:
1) (OK their Christians too)
2) (Jeff Jarvis's blog is fascinating on so many levels)
3) (reality TV lovin')

Anonymous said...

Oops, that last post was from me,

--Steve Knight

Jordon said...

Andrew Jones
Jonny Baker
Resonate Soapbox

Christian blogs
One House
Beyond Magazine

Warren Kinsella
Boing Boing
Off Wing Opinopn
Blue Jake
Heather Champ

Jason Silver said...

I'm doing one, not three of each:

One emerging church blog which I find a must read:

One MUST READ Christian blog:

One MUST READ blog:

~Jason Silver

john chandler said...

I pretty much read everything on my blog roll daily, but I'll pick a few that stand out to me. I'm going to rebel a bit and not distinguish between the emerging church and Christian blogs. I'd just rather not distinguish. :) I'm also going to not list people who were my friends prior to joining the blogging community so that I don't taint it. :)

Faith blogs -- no brownnosing...I promise! -- always very thoughtful...probably my favorite

Other blogs/feeds: -- posts some useful productivity stuff for tech types like me

Robbymac said... (Len Hjalmarrson) (Todd Hunter) (Andrew Jones)

Anonymous said...

I'd nominate livingroom ( as my must read emerging church blog - written by a practitioner.

Also I'd head to prodigal kiwi ( - one of the best thinkers around.