Sunday, November 14, 2004

NT Wright on the Resurrection and William Lane Craig

Tonight I was continuing to work through NT Wright's recent book The Resurrection of the Son of God and he favorably recommended Gary Habermas' work.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to why Wright doesn't reference even once the work of William Lane Craig? I thought he was a well-respected Resurrection apologist and am surprised at the omission.

Any thoughts?


Will said...

I think the answer to this question is that life is lived in relationship. For many years, while Wright was still a professor at Oxford, Habermas led a summer study program to that University where the students studied under Tom. My wife was in that program in 1987. I'm sure he respects the work of Craig, but I know that he knows Gary.

Stephen said...

Hey that's good inside info; thanks!

What was the program? Sounds like a great experience.

The only thing that gets me even still, though, is that in such a massive book, it still seems odd that Craig isn't even - as far as I can tell - footnoted or referenced in the bibliography.