Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Addiction to the Proposition

...sometimes we look to be in relationship with people simply so we can get the to assent to our "propositions." In the sense of a small group bible study, we state that our goal is spiritual maturity and determine maturity is based on how much we know. Our idea is that knowledge equals maturity in relationship with God. The reality is intellectual assent does not guarantee a deeper relationship with God becuase it is precisely that, a relationship; it is not a pop quiz that must be passed. We will learn more, we will know more but the knowing is a result of a growing relationship not whether or not we can pass the quiz.

todd littleton is on the money here. While propositions are necessary, they are not enough for spiritual transformation or for leadership development. A bible study is not to be considered successful only on the criterion of information exchange.

lately i've been very dissatisfied with my own degree of spiritual maturity. please understand i'm not being modest. i've written a lot here about how much the abiding meme has been helpful to me. yesterday, i realized that it's jesus himself that i need to get excited about, not the concept of abiding in jesus. i believe this may be why i haven't really gotten down to the depth yet of what it means to abide in jesus.

this past sunday during morning service i journaled as the pastor spoke, interacting with what he was saying. i wrote down that propositions are windows to the object of our faith. faith is the bridge that takes us from proposition to transproposition. transproposition, of course, is the object of our faith.

that's a long-winded way of my saying simply that I need Him. i need to realize He is with me, that He is my savior, my provider, and my Lord. all three realities are important.

I need Him.

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