Friday, December 24, 2004

Do we Ever Stop Emerging?

In response to Tony Jones Worship Leader Sidebar, Chris Gonzalez asks:

The spirit of Emergent reminds me of the spirit that launched Restoration Movement - and that is precisely what bothers me. It was supposed to be a movement that was post-denominational, although they didn't use "post" so much in the 1800's. However, after a terrific movement got started with so many questions, challenges to the existing abuses of authority structures, and a desire to just be Christians, it degraded into a denomination when they answered all those questions, developed their own authority structures, and forged a certain kind of way to be Christian. After that they just spent their time making sure then next generation knew the answers to questions that generation had never asked. Their goal was met (so they thought) which was to restore the New Testament church. When they restored it (they answered all of their questions), they were good to go.

Their kids were not so good to go. I hope Emergent never quits emerging. When emergent becomes emerged, we're in big trouble. And there are lots of forces inside and outside of emergent that would like to see it emerge, and be done with it already.

If emergent ever arrives it will fail. Arriving is something that makes sense if time stops.


john chandler said...

I have a Restoration background, and I think there is some good analysis here.

How did this catch your attention Stephen? Do you have a restoration background as well?

Steve said...

As a preacher's son within one of the branches of the Restoration Movement and a recent reader of some emergent books, I'd say your analogy is a good one. I am excited and anxious to see where this emergent thing will lead. I am hoping my fellowship, the Church of Christ, can engage it. I was led to your post by Fred Peatross ( )who is also of this heritage and whose Abuctive Columns convey his emergent journey.

Stephen said...

No, I don't have a Restoration background. Just came across this during my usual bloglines rounds.