Friday, December 17, 2004

Legitimate Propositionality

A severe misunderstanding of transpropositionality is that it's anti-proposition or anti-information. Information is necessary but it's not enough.

Toward that end, I just learned that the Evangelical Theological Society is in the process of putting all the articles of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society online. They'll stay 2 years behind what's published.

On that note, let me also mention the massive Theological Library Series, where with 5 and 6 you can get 300 years of Theological Journal articles including:

Bibliotheca Sacra Journal (1934-2002)
Grace Journal (1960-73)
Grace Theological Journal (1980-91)
The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (1966-2002)
Master’s Seminary Journal (1990-2000)
Trinity Journal (1980-2001)
Westminster Theological Journal (1960-2002)
Emmaus Journal (1991-2001)
Michigan Theological Journal (1990-1994)
Journal of Christian Apologetics (1997-1998)
Chafer Theological Seminary Journal (1995-2002)
Conservative Theological Journal (1995-2002)
Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society (1988-2002)
Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (1995-2002)
Reformation and Revival (1992-2002)
Journal of Ministry and Theology (1997-2002)
Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal (1996-2000)
Bible and Spade (1996-2000)

This has been one of the best reference purchases I've ever made.

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