Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The New Perspective on Paul (NPP) and NT Wright

Over the holidays I read an intriguing article - The Attractions of the New Perspective on Paul (link has been corrected) by J Ligon Duncan - critical of the NPP in general and NT Wright in specific.

There is so much enthusiastic support for the thinking of NT Wright within emerging church circles that in a bid to avoid a giddy triumphalism we do well to listen carefully to dissenting voices. I need to read more in this space, but I thought that Duncan brought up some intriguing cautions.

After reading the article, I asked Dr. Duncan if he would recommend any books or articles released since he wrote the article. He suggested (among others)

Within the article, Duncan also recommends Charles E. Hill's article NT Wright on Justification.

I also found this site where a number of critiques of NPP, especially dealing with justification, are aggregated.

And, of course, more pro-NPP material can be found at the NT Wright Page.


john chandler said...

I'm having no luck with that link to the original article. I did a search on, and came up with this link:, but it only opens a page with the title -- no article. Can you give us some help finding the article?

Todd said...


Todd said...

Try linking through Stephens link to other sites critiquing NPP. You will find this article first. I had not trouble clicking through from this site. Here is a copy of the link, though it appears to be the same one Stephne offers above.,,PTID307086%7CCHID559376%7CCIID1660662,00.html

Stephen said...

My apologies all! I've corrected the link.