Friday, January 28, 2005

Alan Creech and the Emerging Church

Charlie Wear helpfully points us to a recent Next-Wave article penned by Alan Creech in which he explores the nexus of emerging church and other movements.

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Ron Cole said...

Great article by Alan, and timely. People keep talking, debating, arguing about trying to define or label this emerging/emergent thing. Frankly it's like trying to flog a dead horse...we've worn the life out of the conversation. I think alot of times definitions arise from the more noticable forms ( bigger )...such as Mosaic, Solomon's Porch, Grace, Green Belt and more.
I think because of that, so much of the emerging church is not even being seen, or fails to fall within the definition. I think there are a huge number of small communities flying underneath the radar. In many cases the communities have similarities, but yet each is probably uniquely different.Each community has developed an identity that has come out of vision of the community. Maybe there is " no " single definition, which is cool, to think the spirit of God is moving uniquely in so many awesome.