Sunday, January 16, 2005

An Amazing Photograph

However, yesterday morning my friend Carl took this photo in his back garden... He swears blind that no gimickery or digital enhancement has taken place (save for adjusting the contrast to make the image clearer) and I have no reason to doubt his word.

Anthony of Headspace courtesy of SI Johnson

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Fajita said...

This image reminds me of a cloud formation I saw the day after our mini-van had a tire blow out and rolled twice in the middle of Iowa. Van totalled - no injuries. Me, wife, daughter (3), son (1) all scared out of our minds, but not even a bruise.

In the Iowa sky, as we drove a rented SUV, we saw clouds in the shape of two hands, palms facing us. I wish I had a picture to share. At the moment, it meant so much. And when I think about it, like I am right now, it reminds me there is a God who is big and loves people who are small. It happened in 2001.