Monday, February 07, 2005

First Study Bible in the English Standard Version: The Reformation Study Bible

I have mixed feelings. I'll probably buy a copy. I really like the ESV. I think it hits a sweet spot between the formal literal (NASB, KJV, NKJV) and dynamic equivalent (NIV, NLT). And I'm glad that it's coming out in a Study Bible. What's a bummer is that the Reformation Study Bible has been updated with a lot more material now and is called the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible. I have this Study Bible and it rocks. Trouble is that it's in the NIV! Some have commented that this is somewhat odd since Reformed folks tend not to read the NIV. And though I think that every translation I listed above is a fine translation, I do prefer the ESV.

note on Calvinism: I'm not your typical 5 pointer, but I admire the Calvinist theological system and find it helpful to "play off of it" in my own theological thinking. One of the ways that I've responded to the emerging church is that I tend to think of my own personal theology as being an outline rather than an encyclopedia. (See "What is a Faithmap?") and I find Calvinism, when taken as provisional outline, to be helpful. I'm fully aware of the fact that some Calvinists would take issue with this characterization of their thought.

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