Monday, February 21, 2005

In the FoxHole (interlude) - A Transpropostional Insight

One of the reasons I'm talking and writing about transpropositionality all the time, I think, is because I'm so propositional. This war I'm in will be won or lost contingent on the decision of someone my family loves. The area in which I wish to exercise control is in the area of teaching this person the right thing to do. I've realized that I'm too anxious to do this - have been too anxious to do this - and that I need to back off.

Today, I was trying to fix my vacuum cleaner and couldn't find a Philips head screwdriver. When Beth finally found one and I was easily able to fix the machine, I reflected on the need for the right tool.

I realized that mere information transfer (duh) is probably not enough to change the mind of this person we love.

And then I remembered my own story. For the first 8 years of following Jesus I was a way messed up basketcase. One of my presenting symptoms was forever doubting ... everything - my salvation, Divinity of Christ, inspiration of the Scriptures, etc. I studied like crazy. Then - in my mid 20's - I finally came to believe that God really love me and all these academic concerns just drifted away on top of a sea of security. Yes, it was the acquisition of information that helped me, but it was more than this. Through others who loved me, through wise counsel, through the experience of being loved in a tightknow community, I came to believe in His love. It was both propositional and transpropositional.

And so I realized information transfer - especially delivered under the power of my insecure teaching - is only part of this puzzle. Something else is needed.

I must rest.

I must wait.

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