Sunday, March 27, 2005

Eating my Own Dog Food

In my response to Tony Jones' comment that most emerging church criticism is coming from Calvinists, I mentioned that it's important that we seek to learn from our criticism as well as discerningly considering its source.

Regarding my statement

And I dare say that if you were to look at the percentages by religion tradition of serious orthodox theological books being written, you might find that the lion's share of them are being written by Calvinists of various flavors.

Rick wrote:

Serious ORTHODOX theologians writing the lion share are Calvinists? Man, that seems like semi-bold statement. :)

Stephen, don't you think that only one who prescibes to Calvinist theology would call it "orthodox"? I don't know, but don't you think that many theologians would consider Calvinist theologians heretical?

Do you think that you could get many RC, Anglican, of Orthodox theologians to agree with you?

Tony added:

And to claim that the vast majority of orthodox Christian theology is being written by Calvinists may say more about your reading list than it does about reality.

Firstly, I did not at all mean to make orthodoxy and Calvinism a tautology and appreciate the opportunity to make clarification. By orthodoxy I mean the "irreducible complexity" of core doctrinal truths to which a wide variety of Christian traditions have agreed. Calvinism is one of these tradition streams.

Secondly, that being said, I think that Rick's friendly challenge and Tony's point that my comment may have a lot to do with my reading habits are fair.

Tony also acknowledges that there is a Calvinistic emerging world and also correctly points out that doesn't vititate his point that many ec critiques are nevertheless coming from other Calvinists.

Finally, Tony also comments that he is paying careful attention to ec critiques from this quarter.

Thank you, gentlemen, for keeping me on my toes. I genuinely appreciate it.

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tony said...

...and thanks for being open to a slight correction. We all need to stay on our toes.