Saturday, March 05, 2005

Eugene Peterson on Spirituality

All these words get so screwed up in our society. If intimacy means being open and honest and authentic, so I don't have veils, or I don't have to be defensive or in denial of who I am, that's wonderful. But in our culture, intimacy usually has sexual connotations, with some kind of completion. So I want intimacy because I want more out of life. Very seldom does it have the sense of sacrifice or giving or being vulnerable. Those are two different ways of being intimate. And in our American vocabulary intimacy usually has to do with getting something from the other. That just screws the whole thing up.

It's very dangerous to use the language of the culture to interpret the gospel. Our vocabulary has to be chastened and tested by revelation, by the Scriptures. We've got a pretty good vocabulary and syntax, and we'd better start paying attention to it because the way we grab words here and there to appeal to unbelievers is not very good.

The author of Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places is interviewed by Mark Galli in CT. Galli also expresses how he got a transpropositional taste of Peterson's spirituality.

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Paul Fromont said...

Thanks Stephen for the post and links. I got really excited when I discovered your links to the interview. Almost as excited as I felt when Eugene's latest book arrived. I picked it up on my post here