Friday, March 18, 2005

The Futures of Evangelicalism
edited by Craig Bartholomew, Robin Parry, & Andrew West

Paul Fromont lets us know that this entire book is available online.

He also provides us with the table of contents:


  • Introduction: A Time to Reflect Craig G. Bartholomew, Cheltenham
  • Theology and the Futures of Evangelicalism Alister E. McGrath, Oxford.
  • Evangelicalism and the Church: The Company of the Gospel Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Chicago
  • Evangelicalism and Biblical Interpretation Howard Marshall, Aberdeen
  • Evangelicalism and Biblical Theology Graeme Goldsworthy, Sydney
  • Future Trends in Mission Christopher Wright, London
  • Evangelicalism and Ethics Robin Parry, Worcester
  • A Christian World-view and the Futures of Evangelicalism Craig G. Bartholomew, Cheltenham
  • Evangelical Spirituality Eugene H. Peterson, Vancouver
  • Evangelicalism and Philosophy Gregory J. Laughery, Lausanne
  • Evangelicalism and the Charismatic Movement (UK) Nigel Scotland, Cheltenham
  • Charismatic Evangelicals in North America and World Wide: Radicalizing Evangelical
  • Theology and Practice Jonathan Ruthven, Virginia Beach
  • Evangelicalism and Politics Stephen Lazarus, Washington, DC

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