Wednesday, March 09, 2005

When Does it Become Viral?

Charlie Wear asks the question.

I believe the answer is when we relationalize what we learn. When we take our new (old?) propositions and make them transpropositional toward God and others.

I love what Eugene Peterson writes in Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places (the very title of which is germane to Charlie's question):

Spirituality begins in theology (the revelation and understanding of God) and is guided by it. And theology is never truly itself apart from being expressed in the bodies of the men and women to whom God gives life and whom God then intends to live a full salvation life (spirituality)

p. 6

In truth, the two operate together in synergy (see Epistemology and Theology: Holistic Theology). Our understanding of the Blessed One and our incarnating that understanding is a dance.

When we do this with whatever resonates with us of the Emerging Church Conversation (and that's different for different folks; the movement is protean), then we become the sneezers to which Charlie alludes and of whom Seth Godin writes. Websites, books, conventions, and blogs are all a part of this; but, from an on-the-ground perspective, it is the human connection that could propel the emerging church conversation (or threads of it) past the tipping point.

So we have to ask ourselves: How are we incarnating what we know? Are we executing what we know with God and others?

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