Saturday, April 09, 2005

John Paul II and Evangelicalism

from CT:

We're in the flow and flux of it all. It's really hard to evaluate where we are or how historians will look at our times. But there is a sea change that has happened, particularly among evangelicals and Catholics. I think the Evangelicals and Catholics Together movement is evidence of that. Clearly something momentous is afoot. Evangelicals are not Roman Catholics. But we are Catholics in that we affirm the historic orthodox faith. And we want to call the Roman Catholic Church, as we call ourselves, to a further reformation on the basis of the Word of God. That's what we ought to be about.

Timothy George, of Evangelicals and Catholics Together on John Paul II, Catholics and Evangeicals.

CT has a number of articles on this Pope and Evangelicals

Pope 'Broadened the Way' for Evangelicals and Catholics
Interview by Stan Guthrie

CT: Theologian Tom Oden sees continued cooperation ahead.

Pope Gave Evangelicals the Moral Impetus We Didn't Have
Interview by Collin Hansen
CT: Timothy George discusses how "the greatest pope since the Reformation" changed evangelicalism without us knowing.

Weblog: 'Antichrist' No More: Evangelicals Praise Pope
Compiled by Ted Olsen
CT: Most are unreserved in their praise on political, social, and even theological matters, but critique of papacy remains.

How the Pope Turned Me Into An Evangelical
By Agnieszka Tennant
CT: A Christianity Today associate editor recalls growing up Catholic in John Paul II's Poland.

Pope John Paul II and Evangelicals
Interview by Michael Cromartie
CT: Protestants admired his lifelong admonition to "Be not afraid! Open the doors to Christ!" An interview with George Weigel.

He Was My Pope, Too
By Uwe Siemon-Netto
CT: Now that John Paul II is gone, I am even more of an orphan than the Christians in the Roman church.

Protestants Laud Pope for Ecumenical, Social Stands
By Adelle M. Banks, Religion News Service
CT: He was 'unquestionably the most influential voice for morality and peace in the world during the last 100 years,' says Billy Graham.


Scot McKnight said...

The Pope, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Evangelical movement have turned a corner, and it is culture that forced the turn. What led millions of Western Christians to join hands with Mel Gibson, an overtly old-fashioned Roman Catholic who fashioned a movie about Jesus' death around the stations of the cross, and say "this is what we all believe"?

Culture. The battle for the soul of the West is no longer a battle of which theology is closer to the Bible, but a battle over who will stand with the Truth of the gospel. Anyone care to join hands in that battle?

Scot McKnight, North Park University

Stephen said...

Thank you Scot.

Anonymous said...

I agree. This real issue is the language OF the Gospel. If one thing has to be clear it is the message of salvation and it is here where the battle rages. Demonic opposition couldn't be more focused than in this particular area.