Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The New Friars

Enough about EmergentCon already, let's talk about Urbana: The website for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s triennial student mission conference has a great archive of articles on evangelism and missions, including a piece called "The New Friars" that connects with the whole conversation about new monasticism.

There is just something about denying the call to suburban affluence that seems to a spiritually starved soul to be a good thing to do: Fast from materialism and binge on relationship with the poor.

Living as Jesus and his followers the semi-homeless life of simplicity among society's dregs, at least for a season has something that beckons the idealist. And many seem to be turning the ideal into the real.


tony said...

Stephen, You are so right. That website has some great resources. I've often felt like Urbana is an incredible tool to mobilize students in the midst of some important life decisions.
See you soon

Monk-in-Training said...

Thanks for posting this information, I am very interested in New (as well as Old) Monasticism.