Monday, May 30, 2005

beth and I have decided to get involved in after viewing their great video. on Wed 1 June, one or both of us (depending on if we can get someone to keep our little ones) are going to hear Bread for the World President David Beckmann and former Ambassador of Madagascar, Shirley Barnes speak @ the One in a Billion event in the District.

my background is evangelical, so a lot of my Christian experience has been proposition-centric (I paint with broad brush regarding both my background and evangelicalism!). beth's leading me there as, to her credit, she's always been more transpropositionally-minded than me. (i was initially attracted to beth because 1) she wanted to take a greek class I was teaching and 2) she had just started a ministry to the homeless in DC called heartreach!) that's the me motive.

the more obvious and important motive is that there's a tremendous need that a lot of folks from both the right and and left are seeking to address under the rubric of

Bread for the World has a great page on Poverty and World Hunger.

We'll report on Wednesday's event after.