Monday, June 13, 2005

Christianity and the Postmodern Turn

Dan Brennan alerts us to this recently Brazos release that looks to be helpful. Dan provided the First-Theology group with a chapter list:

Is God a Story? Postmodernity and the Task of Theology by
Douglas Geivett (he's from Biola)
Christian Postmodernism and the Linguistic Turn by R. Scott Smith
(Biola, too)
Pilgrim's Digress: Christian Thinking on and about the Post/Modern way
by Kevin Vanhoozer (Trinity)
Christian Faith and Postmodern Theory: Theology and the Nonfoundationalist
Turn by John Franke (Biblical Theological Seminary)
A Little Story about Metanarratives: Lyotard, Religion, and Postmodernism
Revisited, by James K.A. Smith (Calvin College)
Onto-theology, Metanarrative, Perspectivism, and the Gospel by Merold
Westphal (Forham University).

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