Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Evangelicals, Social Action and Political Involvement

Many evangelical Christians got involved in politics because of a single issue: abortion.
But in recent years, without much notice, conservative Christians also have helped force the State Department to place a higher priority on battling religious persecution, set the stage for a cease-fire in Sudan, enact legislation aimed at reducing prison rape in the USA and push for more funds to fight AIDS in Africa.


The latest examples: debt relief and global warming. Conservative Christians were among those who pushed for an accord reached in London on Saturday by major industrial nations to cancel at least $40 billion of debt owed by the world's poorest nations to international aid organizations. And the National Association of Evangelicals and other conservative Christian groups are putting their clout behind efforts to limit the "greenhouse gas" emissions linked to global climate change.

"Christian right's alliances bend political spectrum" - USA TODAY lead story today

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