Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Tragedy of Darfur

The United Nations says that about 180,000 people have died in the two-year conflict in Darfur, and more than two million driven from their homes. Hunger, lack of water, and disease are increasing the numbers of deaths daily.

Cedar Ridge Community Church, where Brian McLaren pastors, and other organizations, including Sojourners, are sponsoring Worshipping in the Spirit of Justice, five Sunday gatherings at 1 PM Eastern in Washington DC "with the goal of ending the genocide in Darfur by calling on our institutions to give meaning to the words 'never again'."

CRCC's Fact Sheets on Darfur may be the fastest and best way to wrap your brain around the crisis quickly. See

Sudan/Darfur Crisis Fact Sheet #1 -- General Information About Sudan

Sudan/Darfur Crisis Fact Sheet #2 -- The "Heart Wrenching" Conflict in the Darfur Region

Sudan/Darfur Crisis Fact Sheet #3 -- A Massive Humanitarian Effort Underway

You can also find more background information on the site here and track breaking news here.

Other Resources on Darfur from Cedar Ridge's site:

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